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2/12/ · The car won't start and the clock is running circles and a message came up on the instrument cluster reading "Reduced braking power start engine'' in red font. I tried to push down the brake pedal and start the car via keyless-go as usual, it cranks but won't start. The windows don't shut properly and the side mirrors don't fold back automatically. 7/12/ · I have checked brake fluid levels, new brake pads front and rear, and new brake pad sensors. During the journey, sometimes after 1 mile, other times after 50 miles, another red warning light comes on and will not go off until I shut the engine down and exit the vehicle. This one says "reduced braking power, visit workshop".

Reduced braking engine. сообщение от системы SBC-​электрогидравлический тормоз, - уменьшенная мощность торможения. › video.

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